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 "While I do train specific commands like Sit, Down, Heel, Come, Stay, these common commands are usually learned as I train other wanted behaviors like for example, loose leash walking.  My usual session begins with me asking you how things went since the last session.  During that discussion I am usually able to pick out a real life problem that occurred since the last session that the owners may not have even noticed.  These unnoticed behaviors can and usually do develop into serious unwanted behaviors if not check early.  Generally, I focus my attention on that "new real life problem" throughout the remainder of the session, while incorporating the basics like sit, heel, come or stay at the same time.  I prefer to train in the environment the dog is exposed to, however, when I feel the time is right, I also try to take the owner and dog out into the community to deal with real life situations, distractions, sounds, other people and of course other dogs.  I try to be social with the owner during a training session, and I always try to make the session fun, positive and educational for everyone including the dog.  However, I'm a very serious trainer am usually always focused on the dog, the dogs behaviors or the skill level of the owner while he or she is handling the dog.  Sometimes I'm so focused on the training moment that my social etiquette suffers.  Please, don't be offended if we are in the middle of talking about the weather while loose leash walking your dog and suddenly I seem to ignor the conversation."



Usually Trained Dogs Are Not Euthanized.

"Dedicated to providing first class, certified training as well as responsible breeding practices for our canine companions, to foster a culture of humane & responsible pet ownership." 

Wisconsin does not require a dog trainer to be certified or have any type of formal education, so, anyone can hang a shingle claiming to be a dog trainer.  Don't misunderstand me, there are many self taught individuals out there who do qualify to be recognized as a Professional Dog Trainer.  However, there are important aspects of dog training especially pertaining to the science behind their behaviors, that are not easily learned without some form of formal education. 

Our dogs are with us for many years and are such an important part of our life as family companions.  I believe dogs and their owners deserve to have the best qualified individual working with them at affordable costs. 

A few years ago I anchored my 35+ years of dog training experience, by learning the modern scientific facts behind dog training, dog behaviors, human instruction and more.  I have studied and earned my Dog Training and Instruction Diploma in the following areas and look forward to meeting with you for any of your dog training needs....... 

*The Sensory Abilities Of The Dog. 

*Social Behavior And Communication. 

*How Dogs Learn. 

*The Knowledge Of Conditioning. 

*Applied Dog Behavior. 

*Testing And Selection Of Dogs. 

*House Training And Crate Training. 

*The Knowledge Of Proper Canine Equipment. 

*The Knowledge And Presentation Of Proper Commands/Cues. 

*The Knowledge Of Puppies And Their Needs. 

*Teaching Tricks.  *Training Through Play. 

*Basic Veterinary Issues. 

*Behavior Analysis.  *Dog Breeds. 

*Competition Obedience. 

*Hunting Training. 

*Assistance Dogs. 

*Agility Training and Search And Rescue Training.

*I am also an AKC Approved CGC Evaluator, my Evaluator Number is 96249. 

As an AKC, CGC, Evaluator, I've been approved to administer:

*the AKC S.T.A.R Puppy program,

*the CGC,

*the ACK Community Canine (advanced level of CGC),

*the Urban CGC

*the Trick Dog tests.


My dog training career began in 1983 and I have developed a successful one on one dog training program with proven positive results.  My training experience has evolved from exclusively training hunting dogs to my primary focus now on Obedience, Service and Therapy Dog Training.  I am also an AKC Approved CGC (Canine Good Citizen) Evaluator.   I work directly with service dogs specializing in "Therapy Dog Training as well as the "Foundational Training" of dogs for the visually impaired.

The best companion dogs are developed by individuals who practice their ABC's as well as their ABT's. 

ABT stands for Always Be Training and it is key to successful results, because dogs are ALWAYS LEARNING. 


Equally important is practicing your ABC's, which means Always Be Consistent.  Without consistency in training, combined with constant training, a dog will default to being a dog whenever it is in a confused situation. 

The key word in the definition of ABT and ABC, is ALWAYS, and I will spend a lot of time showing dog owners how important this is.


The techniques used in my training program are all based upon POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT, supported by DOG PSYCHOLOGY AND KIND BEHAVIORAL MODIFICATION. 


I look forward to meeting you, your family and of course your dog if you’ve already chosen one.  If you haven't purchased a dog yet, please contact me before you do, and at no cost to you, I will be happy to share behavioral tendencies information of the breed you are interested in.

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 Michael Enea